What if the BMW i3 Looked Like This?

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Like it or not, the new BMW i3 may pave the way for future design inspiration.

So we've all seen the new BMW i3 inside and out. Obvious to say, it's generated both positive and negative responses. While some say the styling is quite refreshing, others claim the new EV is an absolute mess. Still, we were happy to see BMW take some design chances, as the alternative could have been much more conservative (see the Nissan Leaf). Rendering artist Theophilus Chin also realized this, so he cooked up some new images showing what a more traditional-looking i3 could have looked like.

And you know what? We're more satisfied than before with its final design. The alternative, more straight-lined look is simply, in our humble opinion, too bland. For a car with so many new technologies, the i3 needed to have a more radical look. But we'll let you decide for yourselves.

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Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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