What If The BMW Z3 M Coupe Never Died?

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We wish it hadn't.

When the BMW Z3 M Coupe was discontinued in 2002, the world lost a true automotive icon. In the space of just four years, the perfectly formed powerful little sports car had become a cult classic, with just over 6,000 units of the coupe being made. But what if it had never died? That's what Finnish rendering artist Esa Mustonen considered when penning a modern interpretation of the Z3 M Coupe, keeping the car's familiar shape and adding some of the marque's latest styling language.

Applying modern BMW design cues, notably the lines of the i3 and i8, to the much-loved shooting brake body shape, the result is something that BMW aficionados and fans of sporty coupes would love to see on the road. Up front we can see aspects of the all-new 8 Series and CSL Hommage concept, the aggressive front fascia featuring svelte LED headlights and a plastic covering in place of the kidney-shaped mesh grille alluding to something electric lurking under the hood. Below the kidney grille lies a larger grille flanked by a set of DRLs, the side profile reveals a nice set of wheels, chrome trim around the windows, and a bulbous shaped cabin that defines the M Coupe.

At the rear, there's another set of stylish LEDs a twin exhaust and a tasty looking diffuser. The M Coupe was much loved while in production and has become even more desirable over time. While BMW delivers obscure models, such as the 6 Series GT, in an attempt to lure in new buyers, we long for the Bavarian brand to remember its routes and a new version of the Z3 M coupe would go some way to doing just that.

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