What if the DeTomaso Pantera Was Alive and Well Today?

That's exactly what the Ring Brothers were wondering. And they have an answer.

The DeTomaso Pantera was a combination of Italian styling and American V8 power. Some consider that an ideal arrangement. After all, the Pantera was on sale for 20 years, beginning in 1971. Unfortunately, there was no replacement. In fact, DeTomaso pretty much faded away once Pantera production ended. But what if it managed to survive and revive the Pantera for today. What would be different and what could potentially remain the same in terms of both design and powertrain?

That’s the very question the Ring Brothers asked themselves. For those who don’t know, the Ring Brothers run one of the finest performance and build shops in the US. Matt Farah gets behind the wheel of both a restored original and a Ring Brothers reborn Pantera.

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