What If The Future Of Dodge Design Looked Like This?


What? You were just doodling in your high school notebooks?

It’s important for every automaker to look into the future in terms of not only technology but also design. What will cars of the future look like? What styling traits are essential (and what’s not) to a specific brand? What’s tradition? Dodge is very much thinking about all of this, but it also wanted to involve the next generation of designers while doing so. The result was "The Drive for Design" contest, which was first launched in 2013. Although it started off in just Detroit, it’s now nationwide for grades 10-12, and this year’s winners have just been announced.

First place goes to Davis Kunselman of Macon, Georgia. Second place to Richard Chen of Delmar, Delaware, and Third Place to Paige Webb of Rochester, Michigan. And what you’re looking at are their automotive design visions for Dodge. The automaker describes the designs as "flowing shapes accented with razor-sharp edges, inlets and exits that tap into cooling airflow with minimal drag, and wheels sized to leave little room for anything else – these are the design keys for Dodge three decades from now." We honestly dig all three. None of them look boring and all three have an exotic theme going on.

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The three winners receive a two-week summer automotive design course at Lawrence Technological University, passes to the EyesOn Design Vision Honored Black and Tie Silent Auction in Grosse Point, Michigan, a three-day/two-night stay in Michigan, and an Apple MacBook Pro. Let’s just hope V8s will be around in three decades to power these things.