What if the New Lexus IS Looked Like This?

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Many will say this is a huge improvement.

Without a doubt, the new Lexus IS has a controversial design. It's pretty much a love it or hate type of deal. There's really no in between on this one. Still, we applaud Lexus for daring to do something different, which in this case is called actually giving a crap about styling. Still, the front-end styling of the IS is, well, a bit awkward. Some say there's simply too much going on and the designers didn't know when to lift the pen. Others think the front looks like an angry bulldog. Whatever your opinion may be, the new IS is certainly a bit controversial.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin, well-known for dabbling with the styling of many cars, has now focused his attention to a watered-down Lexus IS front end design. The spindle grille remains, but the headlights are more standard-looking. Compared to what you can buy now at your local Lexus dealer, we think these images are actually an improvement. Did Lexus go a bit too far here?

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Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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