What If The Nissan GT-R Got A Facelift? Would It Look Like This?


Time for a Godzilla nip/tuck?

2007. That was the year Nissan unveiled the GT-R. By any standards in the automotive world, that's old. Despite having almost yearly technical and performance updates and improvements, the overall design of Godzilla has remained the same. In other words, the styling is showing its age. But as far as we know, Nissan has no plans to alter it, preferring instead to continue those tech and spec updates. But say if it did, what would a refreshed Nissan GT-R look like?

Great question, and here to answer it (hypothetically, of course) is Italian rendering artist INDAV Design. The most noticeable change here is the entire front end and hood, where the styling from various Nissan concepts and new production cars has been infused. The rear is more of the same only a bit sleeker. But what do you all think? Should Nissan give the GT-R a design refresh before it's replaced in or around 2020?

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