What If The Panamera Was Never Ugly?


We imagine Porsche's four-door slightly differently.

The Porsche Panamera sounded like an amazing idea back in 2009. The Cayenne was a huge hit for Porsche, so a four door sedan seemed like a no brainer. If the Porsche could make a four door sedan that drives even better than the Cayenne SUV, it would be a sales phenomenon. The plan did work, and Porsche ended up with a four door with excellent handling characteristics. There was only one problem, the looks. We know that some people enjoy the Panamera's looks. However, the overall consensus is that Porsche messed up with the styling.

The front end was too pudgy and the rear end was very odd. If you were looking for a clean, German sedan built by Porsche, the Panamera may have been a disappointing. When testing the car, Top Gear acknowledged how good the car's handling was, but couldn't get over the unusual looks.

Porsche is in the process of changing the names of some of its models. The Boxster and Cayman will now have the number 718 attached to their names. We have an idea for how Porsche's switch to numbers can turn the Panamera into a much better car. Rumors have circulated that Porsche has been working on a two-door version of the Panamera that was supposed to be called the Pajun. We think that Porsche should keep the Panamera a hatchback, but make it look more conservative like an Audi A7. The stunning Mission E concept could be used as inspiration for the design. Porsche should then build a two-door version of this new car to act as a spiritual successor to the legendary Porsche 928.

These new models would then be known as the 928 Panamera and 928 Pajun. This would put the new models in line with the newly updated 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman. If Porsche can capture the essence of the Mission E concept, these 928 models could be beautiful rivals to cars like the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso and the Maserati Quattroporte. This is what the Panamera should have been from the beginning!

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