What if These 10 Sports Cars Were to Become Shooting Brakes?

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Then they'd probably look an awful lot like these renderings.

What's clear is that the shooting brake body style isn't for everyone. In case you have absolutely no clue what it is, a shooting brake is essentially a sleek station wagon with three doors. The Ferrari FF is the perfect example. It does offer additional functionality because of the gained rear cargo space, but the look is often quite polarizing. Again, just look at the FF. But still, shooting brakes have a unique character. Done right, the design can make certain coupes look pretty good. Other times not so much.

And now rendering artist X-Tomi has taken 10 of today's most popular sports coupes and turned them into shooting brakes. From the Mercedes-AMG GT to the Dodge Challenger Hellcat to the Toyota GT86, all of these coupes have been given a controversial look. Some of them pull it off better than others. But you be the judge. Do any of these coupes turned shooting brakes stand out to you? Should any be considered for production, or are they all best left as renderings? Let us know in the comments ahead.

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Source Credits: xtomi.blogspot.com

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