What In The Hell Is Wrong With This Woman?!

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She's gotta be on something.

We'll at least give this woman driver some credit for surprisingly good timing. She managed to just barely stop her moving car and hop out without getting her foot run over before it continued to roll down the street, cross the divider, and go straight into incoming traffic. Leaving it in gear will do that. And that's exactly what happened just the other day in California. Taken from a dash cam, the footage shows the almost certainly high on something woman's Hyundai Sonata suddenly coming to an almost stop, but not before a bit of a lane weaving first.

By the time all is said and done, the Sonata hit a couple of cars before it rolled its way to a stop on the sidewalk. Its driver? Why she just kept on walking alongside the road as if nothing happened. Drugs can do that sort of thing to people.

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