What Is Aston Martin Teasing In This Mysterious Video?

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Oh you tease, Aston Martin.

There's busy times ahead for Aston Martin. Since Andy Palmer was appointed as CEO, the manufacturer is working towards releasing seven new models within the next seven years. To speed up production, a new factory is being built at a former UK military base in St Athan, Wales, where the new Aston Martin DBX crossover, a sedan and SUV will be built. The factory features in a mysterious new video released by Aston Martin teasing "the ultimate housewarming" – but what the manufacturer is hinting at here remains a mystery.

The 38-second video shows a gathering of some of the most iconic cars throughout Aston Martin's illustrious history, from historic cars including the DB5 and V8 Vantage made famous by James Bond, a Lagonda, and the brand new DB11. The camera then focuses on a Vulcan being driven through the factory, before speeding off and leaving its tire marks on the shiny factory floor.

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There really isn't a lot to go on here, is there? Chances are it's teasing an upcoming celebration event for the opening of the new manufacturing facility. If that's the case, it's surprising that the DBX Crossover concept wasn't featured, since it will be one of the most important new cars in the manufacturer's new era when it starts production at the new site. We also know plenty about the Valkyrie, so it's unlikely to be related to the radical hypercar. What do you think Aston Martin is teasing here?

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