What is Fiat's FCC4 Concept Supposed to Be?

"Four-door coupe with an adventurous spirit" doesn't explain much.

As the Sao Paulo Motor Show carries on, Fiat has decided to wow Brazilian visitors by unveiling this unusual concept – the FCC4, or "Fiat Concept Car 4." The car's main feature is that it doesn't really fall into any category of car that we know. Fiat describes it as a "four-door coupe with an adventurous spirit," but its dimensions put it more in the ranks of a crossover, small pickup truck or some mutant child of the two. Fiat says that the FCC4 combines the brand's "adventure DNA" with the luxury and space of a large sedan.

However, the company has provided no details regarding the car's powertrain, mechanics or production future. As such, the FCC4 is likely to remain a design study for the company's Fiat Design Center Latam.

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