What is Fiat's FCC4 Concept Supposed to Be?

"Four-door coupe with an adventurous spirit" doesn't explain much.

Asthe Sao Paulo Motor Show carries on, Fiat has decided to wow Brazilian visitorsby unveiling this unusual concept – the FCC4, or "Fiat Concept Car4." The car's main feature is that it doesn't really fall into anycategory of car that we know. Fiat describes it as a "four-door coupe withan adventurous spirit," but its dimensions put it more in the ranks of acrossover, small pickup truck or some mutant child of the two. Fiat says thatthe FCC4 combines the brand's "adventure DNA" with the luxury andspace of a large sedan.

However, the company has provided no details regarding the car'spowertrain, mechanics or production future. As such, the FCC4 is likely toremain a design study for the company's Fiat Design Center Latam.

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