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What Is Jaguar Working On That'll Make Supercar Brands Take Notice?


Time to make things a bit crazier.

Obviously the Jaguar F-Type isn’t quite a supercar, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an extraordinary high-performance sports car. Available as a coupe or roadster and with three different power outputs, the F-Type is a huge success and it’s leading the Jaguar renaissance. But how can it be made even better to the point where even a few supercar brands take notice? Just up the horsepower, which is exactly what Jaguar is rumored to be doing. According to Motor Trend, an F-Type SVR is in the works and it’ll have an output of "600+ horsepower."

Jaguar has already given an example, the F-Type Project 7, as to how much more can be done with the car. The Project 7’s active rear differential, Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes, and carbon-fiber aero kit will all likely be included on the F-Type SVR. Specific details aren’t available yet, but the engine of choice will almost certainly be the supercharged 5.0-liter V8, which is already capable of 550 hp in the F-Type R. Also no word about a launch date, pricing, or the number of production units, but we have no doubt this is going to be one ferocious cat.

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