Lamborghini Invencible And Autentica Trademarks Hints At New Model Names

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Two new names have been trademarked by the automaker, and we're not quite sure what they're for.

CarBuzz has just discovered two new trademark applications filed by Lamborghini for the terms "Autentica" and "Invencible." Both were filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office yesterday, December 6, and both apply to vehicles and merchandise. While we suspect that the former may apply to some sort of certified parts or service program like Bugatti's Passeport Tranquillite, the latter is a little more confusing.

The word invencible is Spanish for, er, invincible. Why not use the Italian name? Perhaps because Tonino Lamborghini already uses the word "Invincibile" in a fragrance. We don't know why the name was chosen, but we've got some ideas of what it could apply to.

CarBuzz European Union Intellectual Property Office European Union Intellectual Property Office

Lamborghini has revealed neither the design nor the name of its World Endurance Championship (WEC) contender, although we know it will feature an all-new twin-turbo V8 engine. Perhaps Lamborghini is so confident of success in the WEC that it will give its race car an intimidating name that suggests Sant'Agata's finest will be unbeatable.

That's a stretch, though. We don't think Invencible would necessarily work as a name for a car - motorsport-bound or otherwise. Still, it would fit with Lambo's character. While Ferrari sticks with tradition and uses names with digits and letters in motorsport, and BMW has chosen a straightforward name that feels very German for its WEC contender, Lamborghini is known for flamboyance, and this could be just another instance of that.

Tonino Lamborghini

Then again, past Lambo motorsport models have included numbers in their names too. Think of the Essenza SCV12, the SC18 Alston and SC20, and the Huracan EVO2 GT3 and Super Trofeo models. Perhaps the Invencible name is not motorsport-related at all; maybe it is.

Lamborghini could justify using this name on almost anything, as the Italian automaker has been involved with motorcycles, boats, and even bicycles. The names of the Aventador and Huracan successors have not been revealed yet, and the eventual successor to the Urus will likely get a new name if Lambos of the past are anything to go by. Whatever the name appears on, you read it here first. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.


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