What Is Lamborghini Teasing In This Mysterious Video?

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Lamborghini could be teasing its upcoming Aventador update.

An intriguing video has been released into the wild by Lamborghini hinting at a big reveal coming soon. The video takes us through the evolution of the manufacturer's esteemed V12 engines, from the front-mounted layout of the very first production model, via the 350 GT, to the mid-mounted Miura and the more-modern, longitudinally-mounted V12 Lamborghinis. The brief video soon ends with an Aventador sliding across a desert and poses a question: 'What will be next?'

This would seemingly suggest that Lamborghini is about to reveal the latest iteration of its flagship V12 engine, possibly for a new mystery model. With the Detroit Auto Show just around the corner next month, some are speculating that we may see a new concept car revealed to show off Lamborghini's latest V12.

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A more likely scenario, however, is that this is merely an attempt to drum up enthusiasm about the upcoming Aventador update, which we know is happening next month – this, of course, would coincide nicely with the Detroit Auto Show, too. We also know that an after-party will be held for the reveal at the Circuit Ricardo Tomo and that the new Aventador will feature a "new design, superior power and a mix of advanced technologies." Again, the emphasis on "advanced technologies" could be pointing at the new developments for the V12. And yet the video seems to be hinting at something far more revolutionary.

If this does just turn out to be a teaser for the facelifted Aventador, It would be a bit anticlimactic Moreover, the video reminds us how much we miss the timeless Lamborghini Diablo. What do you think Lamborghini is hinting at?

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