What Is The Coolest Color To Order A Supercar In?

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Supercars always look cool, but which paint colors look the best?

We recently had the amazing opportunity to spend a week with a Volcano Orange McLaren 650S Spider. The attention of driving a supercar was definitely ego-boosting and we could see smiling faces as people took pictures of the car. The 650S is an eye-catching vehicle, but we have no doubt that the Volcano Orange paint helped it stand out just a little more. On this special top five we are going to take a look at our favorite colors that supercar companies currently offer. These are the colors we would order our supercar in. One day....one day...

Even though we fell in love with our 650S, there are even better ways to stand out in a McLaren. For the hardcore 675LT, the automaker came out with Napier Green. The British are known for their modesty, so the fact that McLaren sells its top model in this eye-searing color is even more special. The whole point of a supercar is to stand out, so we think that Napier Green is perfect.

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If you want an interesting color for your car, but green is a bit much, we would point you in the direction of Lamborghini's Blu Cepheus. Lamborghini supercars are commonly seen in colors such as yellow, green, and orange. That is why we think Blu Cepheus is such an intriguing shade. Supercars are all about standing out, but when you're surrounded by other supercars in "look at me" shades, opting for Lambo's beautiful blue will give you the upper hand.


Yellow is a perfect supercar color, and when we configured our dream Audi R8 we opted for Vegas Yellow, which we instantly fell in love with. As an added bonus, Vegas Yellow was one of the few colors that didn't cost extra on the R8. German cars are typically painted in boring shades of silver or black, so a yellow paint job instantly gives the car a nice contrast.

For our next color we decided to keep it vague, instead of focusing on one manufacturer. We did an entire piece about white cars, determining it to be one of the most polarizing colors. Cheap cars tend to look terrible in white, while expensive cars look stunning. Even though supercars are meant to be a bit impractical, some people just aren't into vibrant, eye-catching paint jobs. Just because you like driving a nice car doesn't necessarily mean that you want to be an attention hog. For those people, white is an excellent choice.

Red is synonymous with Ferrari, representing the color of choice for the brand. Back in the 1990s more than 85% of Ferraris were painted red, but in recent years other paint jobs have become more prevalent. Rosso Corsa, often referred to as "Ferrari Red," is still the color that comes to mind most when we think of supercars. Red has always been a popular color for sporty cars, and supercars are no exception. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our list. Which colors did we miss, and what color would you get on your ideal supercar?

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