What Is This All-New Ferrari?

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Hardcore Prancing Horse spotted outside Ferrari factory.

Ferrari is being hotly tipped to unveil the hardcore variant of the F12 at the Geneva Motor Show next March, but these images of a totally undisguised model suggest that reveal might come as early as next month. Spotted at Ferrari's HQ in Maranello, we now expect the Ferrari F12 GTO/Speciale/insert name to make an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the middle of September. However, with the recent reveal of the 488 Spider, there is a chance Ferrari will hold the hot F12 back for a few more months.

The car looks uncannily alike to the renderings we saw a few weeks ago, with carbon-fiber sections on the front fenders and side skirts, and triple vents on the rear fenders to help cool the 6.3-liter V12, upgraded to deliver 760 hp. Combined with a 440-pound reduction in weight, the power-to-weight ratio of the F12 GTO will be upped from 447 hp to 531 hp per ton, putting it on par with the Porsche 918 Spyder. 0-62 mph will happen in less than three seconds, but an aerodynamics package will result in a top speed lower than the F12's 211 mph. Keep your eyes peeled for an online reveal in the coming days and weeks.

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