What It Looks Like When A Rolls-Royce Ghost Hits A Camel

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Pretty much what you were already assuming was happening in Saudi Arabia all the time.

If you happen to be one of the 11 people who made it all of the way through the incredibly dense movie that was Syriana, you might remember a scene where a trip across a Middle Eastern desert expanse is put on hold while local Bedouin herdsmen are allowed to pass by the convoy carrying Matt Damon. A policy of allowing animals onto the highway obviously has the potential for disaster, and the pictures you see here come from Saudi Arabia, where this Rolls-Royce Ghost collided with a camel.

It's kind of difficult to imagine a situation more befitting the stereotype of Saudi Arabia than that of a Rolls-Royce hitting a camel, and it almost seems as though we should have seen more of these types of accidents. What is perhaps most amazing is how little damage the Ghost sustained. Anyone who has seen a camel up close can tell you that they are very solid animals, and even for as big a vehicle as the Ghost, it stood up impressively well. We're not sure how the camel came out of all of this, but we're betting that damage probably won't buff out. Don't feel bad though, camels are deeply unpleasant animals.

Source Credits: wreckedexotics.com

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