What Kind Of A Friend Steals And Crashes Someone's McLaren P1?


Hopefully he can pony up the cash for the repair bill.

Some things that friends do are unforgivable. If a friend were to drive and wreck your McLaren P1, well there might be no coming back from that. This story comes to us courtesy of Reddit and the details, outside of the photo of the wrecked supercar, are a bit murky. For starters, the P1 reportedly belongs to a young man named Sultan Bin Rashed Al Nahyan, known on Instagram as @sultanrh. He lives in the Washington DC area and apparently it was his friend driving the supercar during the crash.

According to a comment from @sultanrh on Instagram, and from commenters on the original Reddit post, the car was stolen by a friend and then wrecked as it blew through a stop sign. Apparently it was t-boned by a Honda Pilot. Whether or not that’s the whole truth it certainly looks as if this P1 was t-boned. Just as a reminder, only 375 McLaren P1s were made and they don’t wreck very often. The last major crash we saw was in Dallas, although there was a minor scrape in Japan when a driver attempted to grind a curb. For his part, @sultanrh is keeping a positive outlook saying the car “will be back on the streets in a month or so.”

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