What Kind Of Cars Did The NFL Give To Its Pro Bowl MVPs?


Tight end Travis Kelce and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander were both handed the keys to a new luxury car.

Whether simply collecting cars or customizing them to suit their personal brand, cars and football go together like steak and potatoes. NFL players often snag free cars for a particular endorsement or for winning the MVP at the Super Bowl. However, a free car isn't always all it's cracked up to be. We've seen some bad MVP prizes in the past. At this year's Pro Bowl, the offensive and defensive MVPs, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, received a free car from the sponsor.

Kelce caught three passes for 36 yards and a touchdown, while Alexander had eight tackles against the NFC team as well as an intercepted pass from Kirk Cousins to help end the game. For their efforts, Kelce and Alexander were given the keys to brand-new 2017 Genesis G80 sedans. The G80 is basically the Hyundai Genesis which has been rebadged as part of the new Genesis luxury brand. NFL players are no strangers to awesome cars, so will the G80 actually fit into either player's lifestyle? Lorenzo Alexander's G80 will join his restored 1966 Mustang that he has owned since his days in high school in 2001 according to Redskins Blog.

We don't know if Alexander owns any other cars, but the G80 could be a nice daily driver. Sources close to Travis Kelce say that he will likely donate the car to charity because he is "too big to really use it." Kelce currently drives a Ford F-150, but looked into purchasing a Lamborghini before learning that his 6 foot 6 inch frame wouldn't quite fit. Alexander is a more modest 6 foot 1 and should fit in the G80 with no problems. If Kelce needs some help choosing a car that fits him better, his friends here at Carbuzz are always willing to help out.

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