What Made Lamborghini Great: the Miura and Countach

Go ahead and try to pick a favorite. It's harder than you think.

Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted to do things differently than Ferrari. For starters, he had a goal to make a reliable transmission. In addition, he sought to create the ultimate grand touring car. He accomplished both. Then in 1967, Lamborghini unveiled a car unlike anything the world had ever seen. The Miura was the first ever supercar and became a sensation overnight. It remains one of the greatest cars ever built to this day. And then came its successor, the also iconic Countach.

Both have come to symbolize the very nature of what a supercar is all about: speed, style, and uncomfortable driving positions. The Miura and Countach weren’t the easiest cars to live with, but they are definitely two of the most beautiful and legendary supercars ever made.

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