What Made The Land Cruiser Such A Huge Icon?

One generation of a car that lasted 24 years.

Different off-road machines evolve in different ways. While both Jeep and Land Rover have been offering increasingly luxurious and on-road comfortable models over the years, both have also kept a more utilitarian model as part of the lineup. Not so with today's Toyota Land Cruiser, but here you can see that it was once incredibly utilitarian. Toyota unapologetically used the Willys Jeep as inspiration, as the project evolved out of Toyota building Jeeps under license for use in the Korean War.

The model came into its own with the introduction of the FJ40 in 1960, and so good was this model that a new generation wasn't introduced until 1984. The FJ40 was also used by several militaries around the world, and a variety of different engines and body styles were offered for both military and civilian customers. This 1976 example uses the popular 2-door hardtop body and a 135-horsepower gasoline inline-six. It has been beautifully restored in classic Dune Beige and will be going up for auction in May. No estimates on price available.

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