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What Makes The America-Only Audi S3 Exclusive Edition So Damn Exclusive?

Audi announces a limited run model, but is it worth the extra cash?

It'salways nice to feel special. And now that Audi has finally given us the higher-performanceS3 version of its successful A3 sedan, the company has decided to do theAmerican market one better by offering a limited edition, 25 unit run of the S3which will be named the S3 Exclusive Edition. With such a promising name, whatdoes the company have in store for 25 lucky Americans who'll be willing toshell out $16,000-18,000 over the S3's $41,000 base price? Well, it turns outthe exclusivity is mostly just a matter of color.

The25 cars will be given unique paint jobs in Misano Red, Sepang Blue, VegasYellow, Viper Green and Glut orange. The first two will cost$57,250, while the yellow, orange and green sedans will set buyers back$59,900. With five units of each to be produced, buyers will also get the Prestige pack, a $9,000 option on the regular S3 that includes 19-inch wheels,sports seats, contrast stitching and coloredinlays. No performance upgrades complement the exclusivity, but you can stillenjoy the standard 2.0-liter turbo, 286 hp and 0-60 mph times of4.8 seconds for no extra charge. Is the unique paint worth the extra cash? We'reguessing that 25 buyers will say 'yes'.

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