What Makes This Mercedes SLS Sound So Damn Angry?

This is one Mercedes you do NOT want to annoy.

In its natural form, the Mercedes SLS AMG is a pretty mean looking car. Not to mention, the standard exhaust on this top of the line Mercedes sounds aggressive straight from the factory. However, some auto fanatics, such as France Auto Racing, seem to think that the gullwinged beast can be made to sound even angrier than it does already. In Fact, the French tuning company’s freshly customized Mercedes SLS AMG was recently spotted at Top Marques Monaco, sporting a ridiculously loud Akrapovic exhaust system.

When the engine starts to rev on this badass Merc, you can practically feel the gates of hell opening up. Needless to say, the car-loving crowds in Monaco were loving every minute of it. Check out the video to hear the meanest Mercedes in Monaco!

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