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What Makes This Porsche 918 Spyder Worth $2 Million?

It might be the included DVD player. Maybe...

There’s now another reason to hop on a plane to Canada to visit the lovely city of Montreal. The reason is a Porsche 918 Spyder that is up for sale there. After you blowover $2 million on the car you can take it to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve andcrash it into a wall, that being the only way to properly own a supercar.Sounds like a fun trip. The real question that needs to be answered is: Why isit up for over $2 million when the MSRP in America is just under $900,000?The car's price might be in Canadian dollars, though, so that's one thing to consider.

It very well may be, but that price still comes out to almost $1.5 million US. The answer, as far as it can be told on the website, is completely unknown. It has low miles? Ok, so what? It’s still not brand new, and is almost double the price. No warranty, so that’s out. It’s in great shape, but honestly if it wasn’t in good shape then it would be difficult to sell at all. It does have a DVD player for all those DVDs that people owned…over 15 years ago. Also, it's not bright green, which is a good selling point. With all this in mind, this car is a bigger mystery than crop circles. Just kidding, no it's not. Rare supercars always go for tons more than they originally sold for. It's a sad fact of life. At least it looks pretty. Almost as pretty as that Martini Porsche 918.

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