What New Car Should Regular Car Reviews Buy?


Their once reliable Toyota Echo has been killed in a wreck.

The linguistically talented yet questionably sane two-man crew at Regular Car Reviews has a bit of problem. Their car, a 2002 Toyota Echo, was recently totaled in an accident. Thank the snow-covered roads of Pennsylvania for that. Fortunately the guys weren’t hurt, but they’re still left without wheels. That’s a bit of problem because the pair had been planning a cross-country road trip.

They intended to visit as many of the 600 viewers as possible who offered up their cars to be featured in future videos.

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The guys – who prefer to remain anonymous – have now set up a crowd sourcing fund with the goal of raising at least $5,000 to help them buy some new basic transportation. But we also want to help them in another way: What kind of car should they buy? Obviously they’re on a budget (they’ve only got two cameras and a homemade steady cam made out of pipe), so nothing too expensive here. They need something reliable, but not too boring, yet has plenty of character. All suggestions are welcome and we’ll send them straight to Regular Car Reviews. Meanwhile, here is a selection of cars featured in their past reviews for consideration.