What?! Now You Can Tune Your Roush Mustang With Just Your Phone


Time to wake up the neighbors.

Have you ever needed your exhaust note to be a little bit louder, but not so loud it'll get you pulled over? Roush sympathizes with your struggles and has just unveiled an iOS app that lets you solve this. The app is compatible with Roush's Active Exhaust system on the Stage One, Two, and Three Ford Mustang. It now has four exhaust modes: Touring, Sport, Track and Custom. To use the app, the operator selects "custom" and connects their phone to the car's syncing system. The app is solely for Apple, but it may be brought to Android and Windows later.

Once connected there is a 3D view of the car's available settings, and the user is allowed to manipulate the decibel level, exhaust open percentage and even what noise they want at certain RPMs. Also, if you already bought a Roush Mustang without the system it can be added on at any certified Roush dealership. We think this app is a must for any Roush vehicle, even though the standard quad tips are amazing enough. The entire system and app cost a pretty hefty $2,800, but it is worth every cent. After all, when else are you able to tweak your car's noise with just a few finger taps?

Source Credits: blog.dupontregistry.com

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