What's Been Happening With Noble And Its M600 Speedster?

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Noble is one of those supercar companies that doesn't receive enough attention. Part of the reason why is because its purist supercars, like the old M12 GTO, M14 and today's M600, have never been sold in the US. And when I say purist, I mean the driver's ability to switch off traction control whenever they damn well please. In Noble's words, it's all about "freedom of choice," but the sole gearbox is a six-speed manual. Trust me, you wouldn't want paddle shifters here.

Sadly, Noble won't be presenting at Geneva next week but the UK-based supercar builder is anything but dead. In fact, development of its highly anticipated M600 Speedster is very much ongoing. Speaking with Noble representative, Kim Grouse, about the Speedster's progress, I've learned that the company is "in the midst of building (its) first road car"…and that its availability will be "in the not too distant future." In a world of high-tech supercars coming equipped with fancy schmancy dual-clutch transmissions and all of that electronic assist, Noble prefers to keep things old school, meaning analog. The world needs to be reminded of the thrills of this, like rowing your own gears in a 650-hp, mid-engined, twin-turbo V8 M600 built for speed.

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