What's Coming Up Next For The Current Nissan GT-R Might Surprise You

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It's got the performance so now it's time for...

Now that we know Nissan is planning to keep the current generation of the GT-R (the R35) around for a few more years, until around 2020, the question is what changes and updates are planned. More power? New features? We still don't know precisely what just yet, but this latest interview, courtesy of Top Gear, with GT-R program manager Hiroshi Tamura, is perhaps our best indicator thus far. First off, Tamura-san confirmed a new GT-R isn't happening yet because he wants to "hit some of the other objectives first."

What are those "other objectives?" He wants to give the GT-R a more "premium" feel. Specifically, he's defined the car into two distinct natures: GT (blue zone or comfort) and R (red zone for performance). He claims his predecessor focused more so on the latter, but now that "he's left, I have to protect the original concept of both the GT and R zone." The R34 Skyline is a good example of what he means regarding the blue zone, he says. "I want to make the GT-R more premiere…not just fancy, but real premium quality. Handling quality, ride and comfort quality, NVH quality, some high quality in the construction…we still have big opportunities here."

The GT-R Egoist edition is a good example of what Tamura-san is after. "Nismo construction bonding with a regular GT-R face. This level of diversity is what I'm talking about."

Source Credits: www.topgear.com

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