What's Crazier: A Custom Bubbletop Slammed To The Floor Or Its Asking Price?

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This car can be yours for some serious dough.

There are strange cars, and then there's the Beatnik, a custom bubbletop created using a 1955 Ford. The man behind this custom job is Gar Fioto, nicknamed "Chopit." It took Chopit four years to create this one-of-a-kind hot rod from the future and now it's up for auction. While the Beatnik is based off of a 1955 Ford it is a frankenstein of sorts. The chassis is from a 1988 Lincoln Town Car while the front and rear bumpers come from Cadillacs (a '59 and '58).

Driving this lovely lavender oddity is a Chevy small-block V8. The familiar 350 engine juts out through the hood and looks completely otherworldly thanks to some shiny stainless steel. Oh, and there's that crazy bubbletop of course. Like all good things in life the Beatnik is for sale and is expected to fetch between $150,000 to $250,000 when Auctions America puts it under the hammer.

Courtesy Auctions America
Courtesy Auctions America
Patrick Ernzen © 2015 Auctions
Courtesy Auctions America
Source Credits: www.auctionsamerica.com

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