What's Going On At Maserati Now?

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Will the Alfieri and Levante even arrive at all?

Earlier this month, we reported that Maserati was doing so poorly that it was told to halt production entirely for one week at the beginning of next month. We also reported that in order for Maserati to make up for its low sales, the Levante crossover and Alfieri coupe need to be built as soon as possible. When the Alfieri debuted last year at Geneva, we reported that it could start production around next year. However, because of Maserati's poor sales results, Automobilemag claims that the concept coupe's production has been pushed back to 2018.


Luckily, that's where the bad news ends because the Levante is starting to come to production. After countless number of spyshots over the months, the Levante will finally arrive in dealerships around March. The crossover will have a 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 275-hp with diesel fuel and 350 or 425-hp with gasoline. A plug-in hybrid variant is to follow around 2018. The Italian brand is working on an all-electric variant with a yet unnamed company for the Chinese market. We hope that the Levante CUV will help Maserati make up for its losses in sales and maybe even boost them to its former glory days.

Source Credits: www.automobilemag.com

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