What's Going to Happen to Lotus Now?


Layoffs? Dropping the Evora in the US? Let's hope it's all part of a master plan.

We’ll admit that we were a bit surprised at the recent announcement by Lotus that it will discontinue selling the Evora in the US next year. We’ve always liked and respected the Evora, and there was potential for it to become even better. But Lotus is about to begin some major restructuring. Heck, it’s even planning to lay off nearly a quarter of its workforce in the near future. If it can’t afford to retain all of its employees, then coughing up the cash to equip the Evora with US-required smart airbags must be too expensive as well.

All of this points to signs of trouble to those who may not understand the car business. However, we think there’s light at the end of the tunnel here. Companies restructure all the time and layoffs are a common practice, for better or worse. So let’s assume that Lotus plans to retain its essential employees and eventually hire new ones to fill required future positions. Yes, that means Lotus has a plan and its current CEO, Jean-Marc Gales, is making sure to see it through. Perhaps that’s why the Evora is being dropped in the US. Gales doesn’t see the logic to invest more money into a car that’s already five years old. Compared to its Porsche 911 competitor, it's out of date.

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Money needs to be spent wisely here and it’s best to use it for the development of new models, such as the rumored sedan and SUV. Or, better yet, a reborn Esprit. Whatever the plan turns out to be, we’re just glad to see Lotus take the initiative at doing something that doesn’t involve shutting its doors permanently. Layoffs? Dropping the Evora in the US? Let’s hope it’s all part of a master plan.