What's Happening With That Reborn Toyota Supra?

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Without a doubt it's one of the most anticipated cars to arrive in years, an all-new Toyota Supra. Much has been written about it and the rumor mill regarding its specs and eventual launch is ongoing. Speaking of that launch, it turns out that the project still hasn't even been officially signed off on. For real. According to a report from Automotive News Europe, Toyota and BMW, who are jointly developing a common sports car platform, will make a final decision about its future by the end of 2015.

That platform would spawn both the Supra and a BMW Z4 replacement. "By the end of the year we will approve whether or not we will make it," stated a Toyota spokesman at Frankfurt. "The whole study before that, on what kind of platform, on what kind of architecture, that's been progressing quite well. We haven't yet decided to give the green light to the project, but it's coming up." BMW's CFO also confirmed his company was speaking with Toyota about intensifying the collaboration, but provided no details. Along with the sports car platform, the two automakers are also working together on fuel cell technology and lightweight components. So hang tight. Hopefully that Supra announcement will be a nice New Year's present. Hopefully.

Source Credits: europe.autonews.com

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