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What's Happening with the Subaru Tribeca Replacement?


Time is money, after all.

If there was one Subaru model that wasn’t flying off dealer lots, it was the Tribeca. That three-row crossover just never really caught on from the get-go. Now that it’s been discontinued, Subaru is left without a model larger than the Forester. A mid-size three-row crossover is especially good to have these days. Just ask Toyota regarding its Highlander. So what’s the status of a potential Tribeca replacement?

According to a new report, the Japanese automaker is still "actively working on a next-generation three-row," and that it will be larger than the Tribeca. One of the Tribeca’s biggest drawbacks was that its third-row was especially small. One indicator as to what Subaru has in mind here is the Advanced Tourer Concept that was revealed back in 2011. Essentially an aggressive-looking large wagon, it was supposedly set to make production for 2013, but obviously that didn’t happen. A new Outback was launched, but that’s certainly no three-row crossover substitute. Whatever Subaru has planned, it’s keeping pretty quiet.

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