What's More Trashed: This Drunk Bikini-Clad Grandma Or Her Totaled BMW?

They're both pretty torn up.

No, this isn’t a story pulled from The Onion. Patricia Ebel from Naples, Florida, has made internet history for crashing her BMW while drunk and in a bikini. The story is funny, but it hits a sad note when you learn that her 10-year-old grandson was in the car. That sad note is quickly snuffed out when you learn that the kid was uninjured, as was the grandma and the occupants of the Mustang she plowed into at a red light.

You may never see a bikini grandma fail a field sobriety test again, so make sure you watch this video. For those calling BS, note that Ebel is 49, which makes her young to be both a grandma and resident of God’s Waiting Room.

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