What's Pagani Planned for Geneva?

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Pagani is apparently teaming up with Sonus Faber for some high-end audio equipment.

Over the past couple of weeks, Italian boutique supercar workshop Pagani Automobili has released a pair of videos, asking "Can you decipher the clues?" in their titles. We're glad to accept the challenge, though there are little clues to decipher. The clips are short, showing some close-ups of Pagani's craftsmen at work in the first video and, in the second, indicating an apparent partnership between Horacio Pagani's company and Sonus Faber, a manufacturer of high-end audio systems.

What we don't know beyond that could fill volumes, but the question at hand is whether Pagani is fitting Sonus Faber equipment to the Huayra, or collaborating on building a stand-alone audio system. It wouldn't be the first time, Pagani having revealed its own hi-fi system in 2008.

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We'll have to wait for more info to say one way or another, but for now you can check out this pair of video teasers and see if you can pick up something we haven't.

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