What's Porsche Cooking Up Next? This Could Be The Answer

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A familiar name and body style from the past?

Porsche has been doing extremely well lately. It just keeps churning out one big success after another. The Macan is selling lot hotcakes and the Panamera, despite its age, is also seeing strong sales. Most recently, there's been a 911 and Boxster/Cayman refresh (the latter also receiving the 718 name), as well as the reveal of the Mission E EV concept, which has already been green lit for production. Aside from the second generation Panamera, what's up next for Porsche? According to the Motor Report, a reborn 928.

Porsche ended 928 production back in 1995, but the front-engined, 2+2 V8 sports coupe always had a loyal following. Supposedly, this all-new 928, which would likely be built on the same but shortened platform as the new Panamera, won't offer a naturally aspirated V8, but either a twin-turbo V6 or V8. Rear-wheel-drive will be standard and optional all-wheel-drive. Perhaps it'd be best to think of a new 928 as something like a Panamera coupe, only with its own unique sheetmetal and driving characteristics. And unlike the 911, a new 928 could offer a more (somewhat) spacious rear seat. Its competition? Think Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe and the upcoming Aston Martin DB11.

Source Credits: www.themotorreport.com.au

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