What's the Best Road Legal Track Car?

For those looking for a completely insane track focused street legal car, there are now four options to choose from.

These types of cars aren’t for everyone. Track focused road legal cars like the Ariel Atom, BAC Mono, KTM X-Bow and the new VUHL 05 are not made for comfort or luxury. No, these things are only about outright performance. In order to make that happen, it’s vital for each one to be as light and powerful as possible. That’s no easy task, but when the Ariel Atom debuted over a decade ago, it gave designers and engineers the inspiration to advance this bare-bones concept even further.

Today, the four aforementioned machines are locked in a fierce battle to take home the crown as the best road legal track car. So which is the finest all-around personal road missile? Check out this new video to just what the guys over at XCAR had to say about the subject.

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