What's the Best-Selling EV in the US?

Hint: it's not the Tesla Model S.

Despite its age (it was launched back in 2010) and golf cart-like appearance, the Nissan Leaf remains an incredibly strong seller in the US, for an EV at least. Through this past October, Nissan has sold a grand total of 24,411 units – a 35 percent increase over last year at this time. In fact, Nissan fully expects to surpass the 30,000 unit threshold by year’s end. For October 2014 alone, a total of 2,589 Leafs were sold. That’s a 29.3 percent increase over October 2013.

Compared to its main rivals, specifically the Chevrolet Volt, a total of 1,439 units were sold last month, a number that’s down by 28.8 percent compared to October 2013. Overall yearly Volt sales are also down by 14.9 percent through the end of last month. What’s interesting about these figures is that consumers may finally be coming around to driving around a pure EV as opposed to an extended range plug-in. Range anxiety may no longer be the big issue it once was. Both Nissan and Chevy have been offering some discounts in their respective models, but it’s the former that dropped the base trim Leaf’s price by $6,400 last January. That’s quite a significant amount and it appears that consumers have responded.

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