What's The Big Deal With Nissan Skylines All Of A Sudden?

Can't find an R32? Hey, there's always the R30.

They were right-hand-drive, Japanese-built coupes that loved nothing more than giving the middle finger to similar coupes coming from Germany. Nissan figured, “Hey, if BMW can why the hell can’t we, too?” Going back as far as the Datsun 510 Bluebird, the Japanese automaker showed no hesitation in its quest to build performance coupes, and the Skylines were the ultimate culmination of its efforts. But why are Skylines so popular, despite the 25-year import ban on the R32 only ending a couple of years ago?

Is it because of "Fast and Furious"? Video games? Partially, but it’s also due to the fact that car people love to talk about cars. Word gets out, and it’ll continue doing so thanks to this latest video from the crew at Petrolicious. This 1983 R30 Nissan Skyline is an ‘80s time capsule of angular lines and analog JDM goodness.

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