What's the Oldest Car Leno Owns?

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The ultimate car collector knows that age is just a number.

Jerry Seinfeld may get coffee in cars with comedians, but Jay Leno is the undisputed gearhead king among those who crack jokes for a living. Leno only owns some 130 cars and almost 100 motorcycles, with his collection taking up an entire airplane hangar. He regularly takes his cars for spins around Los Angeles, which leads to this CarBuzz Trivia question. What is the oldest car Jay Leno owns? Leno actually drives all of the cars he buys, so don't think museum pieces or anything like that. Give it some thought and check below for the answer. Remember, no Google cheating!

Sufficiently jealous of Leno's cars yet? Have you guessed which ride is his oldest? If you said a 1906 Stanley Steamer Vanderbilt then you are correct! And you thought your Model T was a classic.

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