What's Up With Audi's #Womendrivers Tweets?

Could Audi Ireland be showing its true sexist self?

Anyone familiar with the Twitter hashtag #womendrivers knows what toexpect from the posts that precede it. Whether it's a video of a horrifyingparking job or a picture of a car miserably lodged in a tree or boat, this is yet another way of perpetuating the stereotype that women areinherently inferior behind the wheel. But one thing you wouldn't expect is acampaign by a respectable car company, in this case Audi of Ireland, taking part in such misogynist online behavior. But in a series of Tweets, Audi Ireland has been seemingly doing just that.

However, this is acampaign designed to do exactly the opposite. Audi's team has been redirecting followers to articles about pioneering womenin the fields of technology, science or business. Here's the full lowdown on the campaign:

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