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What's Wrong With The C7 Corvette?

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Nothing, except for one thing...

It's finally happened. Chevrolet has officially announced it will reveal its mid-engined C8 Corvette on July 18. We don't need to explain why (again) this is such a huge deal. But what about the existing C7 Corvette? After all, it's rightly earned nothing but high praise throughout its lifetime? Turns out that praise is not translating into sales, once again. We previously wrote about this issue and now, it seems, an oversupply of C7s is plaguing Chevrolet dealerships.

As GM Authority notes, there's currently a 137-day Corvette supply. This translates to 9,055 C7s that have filed to find homes. For the record, this is an improvement over January's Corvette overstock, which was 232 days. It's actually impressive Chevrolet has been able to reduce its C7 stock by that much in only a few months' time.

However, the pending arrival of the C8 could make it even more difficult to sell the leftover C7s. GM could, of course, offer even more attractive sales incentives and we predict that'll exactly be the case. We still don't know when C8 production will officially kick off (if it hasn't quietly done so already), meaning it's a mystery as to when the first examples will roll into dealerships. Point being, there's still time to move out those unsold C7s.

Production of the C7 will cease completely this summer, thus putting to an end to the rumor that both Corvette generations will be sold side by side for a period of time. For those not wild about the Corvette's upcoming engine re-location, now's the time to buy.

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Chevy dealers are anxious to give you a deal and you're anxious to have one of the last front-engined Corvettes ever made. Perhaps one of the reasons why GM made the decision to switch to a mid-engine setup were falling sales numbers. During the first quarter of this year, Corvette sales dropped by 11 percent compared to the same time in 2018. Sales have actually been on a steady decline, however, since the C7's introduction for the 2014 model year. Here's hoping the C8 will light the spark to reverse that trend.