What's Wrong With the Ford Explorer Interceptor?

Of course it's helpful when the brakes work properly.

Police departments across the US love the Ford Explorer Interceptor. It’s somewhat big and looks intimidating. And it has plenty of cargo space for guns and ammo. Yep, Ford has a hit (pun intended) on its hands here. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) may have found an issue with the Interceptor. Although it’s still being investigated, about 20,000 Interceptors could potentially suffer from failing brake hoses.

One police department has reported 13 brake hose failures in 11 of the 46 vehicles in its fleet. A failing brake hose can easily turn into a serious problem. Basically, if the hose fails then braking power will be negatively affected. Remember, having the ability to stop is a very good thing indeed. For now, a recall has yet to be issued and Ford is working with the government agency during the investigation.

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