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What's Wrong With The Mercedes-AMG One?

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We're still waiting for that big reveal.

Last October, we learned that emissions compliance standards were holding up the launch of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. The F1-derived turbo V6 hybrid powertrain is a complex system with immense power, but it still can't pollute too much in order to be street legal. What's happened since October? Well, the hypercar has still have not been delivered to customers, that's for sure.

Autocar managed to get an answer from Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers about the holdup. Turns out the delay is being caused by a specific particulate filter. The car has to meet WLTP emissions certification, while maintaining its 1,000-hp output.

Balancing out emissions and performance figures is not easy, but AMG has no choice in the matter. Moers admitted the problem but emphasized there's been "great progress" to find a solution. "We're figuring out when the first customers will get their cars in the next few weeks," he said. It's also important to remember the hypercar's powertrain was not initially designed to leave the racetrack. The modified 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 will be joined by four electric motors. The extensive amount of engineering and re-tooling necessary for road use has been a long and challenging process for the team of 200 or so people. Now it seems Affalterbach is putting on the finishing touches at this very moment.

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We still don't have a clear answer regarding final power output, but Moers previously stated it will redline at an insane 11,000 rpm. Chances are, the company's 2020 target release date is still happening but we don't know when exactly. A production-spec reveal is widely expected to happen this September at Frankfurt – exactly two years after the concept made its initial debut.

Final assembly is set to take place in the UK and only 275 units are planned. Not surprisingly, they've all been sold for an estimated $2.72 million each.