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What Should Aston Martin Call the New DB9?

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Will it be the DB10, DB11 - or will Aston continue with the DB9 moniker?

It’s got to be the DB10, surely? That would make sense, but then again Aston Martin skipped a number the last time, jumping from the DB7 to the DB9 in order to underline what a big jump forward that new car was. Aston design director, Marek Reichman, revealed to Autocar that “it’ll definitely be a DB” but there’s no guarantee it will be followed by a 10. There’s a chance Aston may continue with the DB9 moniker, but we think the British carmaker will go with something new.

Whatever it’s called, the new DB9 will be built on an all-new aluminum platform powered by a Mercedes-AMG built 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. It won’t be bespoke for Aston, but will be modified with Aston’s own characteristics in terms of sound, response and feel. A “dramatically” lighter car coupled with a V8 you would assume will be in excess of the base engine’s 503 hp should equate to improved performance, better economy and reduced emissions. In regards to its styling, Reichman said: “There’ll be a little more revolution in it. It will be unmistakably an Aston and a DB at that, but it will look fresh and modern.”

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