What Should Porsche Call Its First EV Sports Car?

Sports Car

The carmaker is open to ideas.

Porsche is currently hard at work developing its first EV, the production version of the Mission E that debuted in 2015. We can confirm the vehicle you’ll be able to buy will look a lot like the concept, but it won’t have the same name. In fact, Porsche hasn’t decided what the production-spec car will be called, according to Autocar. The publication learned this detail following a conversation with Porsche boss Oliver Blume, who only referred to it as a “four-door sports car.”

Furthermore, Porsche sees this vehicle as sort of a halfway mark between the 911 and the Panamera in terms of sportiness and overall personality. The Mission E project, overall, is a huge deal for the Volkswagen Group as it features an all-new platform that’ll surely be further utilized for additional new EVs, not all of which will come from Porsche. VW aims to have an electrified version of every model on sale by 2030. Given that, what about the 911? Could a future 911 generation be built on a shortened and properly modified version of the Mission E’s platform? A 911 EV? Nope. Porsche currently has zero plans for a fully electrified 911 and it’ll likely remain that way for some time. Reason being is battery storage.

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As in all EVs, those heavy batteries are stored in the floor which, on the one hand, provides a very low center of gravity. However, doing so also requires engineers to raise the vehicle and, as we all know, the 911 has always had a low ride height. Doing so would take the sportiness out of the 911. But in order to make that 2030 goal, there will be a future 911 plug-in hybrid. It’s not a matter of if, but when.