What Should We Expect From The Upcoming Volkswagen Golf Update?


VW's choice of words suggests more than just a nip and tuck facelift is on the cards.

It's very rare for carmakers to make a legitimate song and dance about a facelift - and even rarer for them to be ever so cryptic about it. As a result, whenever a car company does decide to be rather coy with details on an upcoming model refresh, it's perhaps best to heed their deliberately vague words. Especially so when the car involved in this drip feed of information is as important as, say, the Volkswagen Golf. Historically, updates and facelifts haven't necessarily been too in-depth for the popular hatch.


In some circumstances, you could argue the exact opposite is true: the Mk 6 Golf, for instance, shared quite a few major bits and pieces with the Mk 5 Golf. Therefore, the fact Volkswagen is referring to this update as a "major" and "extensive" one does go against this more recent trend, and implies something more comprehensive is in the works here. Especially when it appears the Mk 7 Golf could be on the way out soon - the Mk 5 and Mk 6 were only on sale for five and four years respectively, so that precedent does imply an eighth generation of the ever-popular German hatchback will be with us in a relatively short while.

Therefore, it's perhaps not surprising to know we're anticipating something rather more substantial than a few mild adjustments and cosmetic enhancements for the Golf here. Then again, we could also be way off the mark, and whatever Volkswagen has lined up could very well end up being the subtle styling update that AutoBlog.nl reckons is in the works. No matter what this Golf update ends up being, though, Volkswagen has confirmed this major upgrade for the Golf will be revealed in full later this year in November - which hopefully means whatever this update ends up incorporating will be showcased at the LA Motor Show next month.


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