What Speed Record Did Idris Elba And Bentley Just Smash?

Where's Wallace, String?

Despite expertly acting the part of a Baltimore gangster on the hit HBO show “The Wire,” Idris Elba is actually a suave Brit. As such he did the most British thing around and broke the UK’s land-speed record behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental GT Speed. The previous record was set by Sir Malcolm Campbell, who also set speed records on water, and stood for 88 years. Elba completed the feat on the beaches of South Wales, Pendine Sands to be exact.

So, how fast did Elba go? The old record was 174.8 mph and the actor reached a speed of 180.361 mph. The stunt was part of a miniseries being filmed by the Discovery Channel called “Idris Elba: No Limits.” It premieres in July, which means we’ll be able to see footage of the stunt around then.

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