What Sucker Would Buy Bond's Lotus Esprit Submarine For $1,000,000?

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You can't even drive the damn thing!

For the record, I think the James Bond's Lotus Espirit submarine from "The Spy Who Loved Me" is damn cool. A Lotus that can become a submarine, albeit one that isn't pressurized, is awesome as hell and easily worth $1,000,000. What isn't cool is a prop of said submarine selling for that same price. That's what we have here, courtesy of Hot Rod City Las Vegas. True, this Lotus sub did appear in the film but you can't drive it and probably shouldn't get it too wet. So, what does $1 million get you?

We'll get to what your million gets you in a second. But here's what it doesn't get you, a fully functioning submarine sports car.

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The wheels are retractable and the fins might move. Yes, this is a piece of movie history and according to the listing only three of these are left in existence. Still, $1,000,000 is a lot to ask for a movie prop that functions as nothing more than a museum piece. Also, this looks to be the same Lotus submarine we saw listed for sale last fall. It obviously hasn't sold since, which could be an indicator that the price is too steep for any sane person to pay. Still, it looks damn cool but if Hot Rod City is serious about moving it than it might want to consider a steep price cut.


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