What the Alfa 4C Could Have Been

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Not thrilled with the final design of the new Alfa Romeo 4C? Neither was this rendering artist who has come up with an alternative vision.

The all-new Alfa Romeo 4C finally had its big unveiling last week at the Geneva Motor Show. While the production version doesn't look all that different from the concept that premiered at the same event two years earlier, the 4C's design remains somewhat polarizing. We're not saying it's bad but there are certain elements, such as the headlight and side mirror designs, that are questionable. To give us some fresh perspective, designer Nick Ericson at Uberangst has created new renderings showing his alternative 4C design.

Like Alfa's designers, his vision was also inspired by the iconic 33 Stradale, but with far more emotional lines. And the more we look at these images, the more we're realizing the upcoming 4C could turn out to be a missed design opportunity.

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Source Credits: uberangst.com

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